Pitbull Conference Arizona 2018 - 5 Arch Funding

Welcome to the Pitbull Conference

45th National Private Lending Conference

Open More Relationships, Close More Business

5 Arch is happy to be a sponsor of the 45th National Private Lending Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. We take great pride in participating in the education of brokers, lenders, and investors on all of the emerging opportunities that exist in today’s hard money lending market. Our own mission of delivering programs and platforms that support all of our clients’ real estate endeavors is strongly connected with the Pitbull’s belief that business is based on two essential components: Power and leverage.

We recognize that your success as a real estate investor is rooted in both the programmatic and the interpersonal. That’s why our versatile programs combine the fast-turn deployment of loans with the one-on-one guidance of a 5 Arch team member to help solve most any challenge a borrower may face.

5 Arch places strong value in speed, certainty of execution, and team collaboration so that we can provide you with the most competitively priced products in the market.


A single customer concierge
A right sized approval process
Depth in lending with clients for the long-term
Custom revenue generating opportunities
High customer retention and repeat borrowership
Earnings from origination and yield spread





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