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3 Things That Can Go Wrong During A Real Estate Deal (and How To Avoid Them)

3 Things That Can Go Wrong During a Real Estate Deal (and How to Avoid Them)

If you’re a real estate investor, you probably suspect Murphy’s Law was coined during a deal. Anything that can go wrong probably will. But if you’re successful, you also know how to prepare for contingencies so that you can buy and sell or rent properties and make a profit, anyway.

Let’s examine three situations that can halt a real estate deal or erode your profit potential, so that you can ease your way through a “dream” lending process that will offer you the best chance of success.

Snag #1: Delays in Loan Approvals

Even expert investors have lost out on profitable properties because they couldn’t get funding fast enough. An investor with liquid cash reserves swooped in and purchased the property – sometimes at a lower price.

When you work directly with a reputable lending source like 5 Arch Funding, the fast and efficient process can decrease the chance of delays. We collect our short list of necessary documents at the beginning of the transaction, so our borrowers aren’t scrambling at the last minute to provide additional information. This provides speed and certainty of execution for which we’re known.

Additionally, 5 Arch Funding has the capital on hand to cover deal flow, so our clients don’t miss out. Some valuation companies require more than a week before closing on large deals. At 5 Arch Funding, we make sure we’re ready when you are. The deal can close as quickly as the borrower can meet the terms.

Snag #2: Lost Paperwork

If you’ve been involved in multiple real estate closings, chances are you’ve done a last-minute scramble to provide documents you’ve already given to the lender. Lost paperwork results in lost time, which points back to the first reason buyers lose out on great investment properties – delays in closing.

5 Arch Funding completely eliminates this weak link in the investment chain with our paperless process and minimal documentation requirements. Filing paperwork is probably your least favorite part of real estate investment – why not simplify the process so you can do what you do best as an investor: find, fix and flip or rent profitable properties to revitalize communities?

Snag #3: Surprises at Closing Time

You believe the deal is ready to go. You arrive for the closing, on time, with your certified check in hand. And then the lender hits you with additional underwriting requirements and conditions to be filled. This often results in closing delays and added costs, and in a worst-case scenario, failure to close at all. As a successful investor, you don’t have time for lost opportunities like that.

5 Arch Funding does not “bait and switch” our borrowers. We are up front about loan conditions, closing costs, and requirements from the start. Our “no surprises” process means you enter the transaction with certainty of closing, and you will close on time so that you can quickly move toward the next stage–the money-making stage–of your investment, where you fix and flip or rent the home.

How to Beat These Investment Demons

As a seasoned investor, you’ve been around the block (literally and figuratively!). Wouldn’t it be great to find a direct funding source that can help you all but eliminate these common problems that occur during real estate deals?

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