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4 Tips For Using Thermal Vision For Your Property Inspections

4 Tips for Using Thermal Vision for Your Property Inspections

Aerial photography has become an important tool in marketing real estate, allowing brokers to showcase a unique view of a home. Until recently, this type of photography was limited to luxury homes, due to the expense associated with shooting fly-over video.

But drones are revolutionizing real estate in a variety of ways, including property inspections. Using a camera-equipped drone, you can get into areas you wouldn’t have otherwise, recording the footage for later viewing. By doing this, you’ll be able to capture hard-to-spot issues during your property inspections.

Here are four tips to ensure your thermal drone photography is a success.

Turn on the Heat

Although you can go by touch, a thermal camera is more efficient at spotting whether heat is coming through the registers, or not. You can actually learn different things depending on the time of year. If you’re inspecting in the dead of winter, an infrared camera will more easily spot heat escaping through ceilings, walls, and windows. In the summer, you’ll see how much the sun is heating up the home through its windows.

Check for Moisture

It can be easy to overlook the ceiling as you’re going through a home, but your thermal photography drone can reveal leaks. It also can find areas of past water damage, in ceilings and elsewhere. It’s important to detect these issues during the property inspection, as they can be a sign of present or future mold problems.

Capture the Windows and Walls

In addition to moisture issues, thermal photography can also detect issues with windows and walls. Focus your drone on the home’s windows and you can capture defects in the gas that are sometimes injected between the panes. You can also spot areas where exterior walls might not have been insulated as well as others.

Don’t Forget Electrical Systems

Infrared photography can also be useful in detecting issues with a home’s electrical systems. You’re looking for areas of excess heat, which can be a sign of impending failure. Also turn on everything that uses electricity, then use your camera-equipped drone to scan the main panel. This can help identify any overloaded circuits.

Through thermal photography, you can ensure you’re fully aware of any issues before you invest in a new property. Equipping drones with a thermal camera provides a quick, simple way to get a look at every square inch of a property that you can review at your own convenience.

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