Finding the Funds to Uplevel Your Career as a Real Estate Investor

Posted by Michael Miller on December 4, 2015

Seasoned real estate investors know the sense of euphoria that comes with spotting the potential in a property and then transforming that property into an asset worth more than the original purchase price. Not only do expert investors realize solid profits to live comfortably, but they help transform neighborhoods and help communities grow. And they want to do it again and again.

Quite often, however, the frustration of finding reliable funding to leverage the best properties can hold investors back from doing all they can in their careers. They may not have the liquid assets available to buy, fix, and flip more than one property at a time, or they may lose out to investors who have been at it longer and have cash reserves available to jump on any property at virtually any time.

That’s where 5 Arch Funding comes in, disrupting the conventional lending process and giving investors the fast funding they need to uplevel their income, their investment portfolio, and create an even brighter future in real estate investing.

Fast Money

Real estate investment is a game of timing. If you can’t get the funding you need, you could lose out on a property to an investor with access to cash reserves. While other real estate loans could take weeks – or months – to close, 5 Arch Funding streamlines the lending process. Investors will hear from a 5 Arch Funding account executive within 24 hours of placing an inquiry, and the account executive will begin working with the lender immediately to evaluate and structure the transaction.

Our underwriters then conduct due diligence on the property and the borrower, as well as confirm loan terms within 48 hours of receiving the submission from the account executive. Once you’ve approved the loan terms, you could see money in your hands in as little as three to five days for fix and flip deals and as little as two to three weeks for rental properties.

Proven Process

5 Arch Funding’s closing process is streamlined because it’s based on common sense and the alternative lending company’s founders’ decades of experience in the investment industry. As a direct lender, we work directly with clients, ensuring turn-key management of the process. The result: Airtight communication and faster turnarounds for loans.

Documented Successes

In Tampa, Florida, a number of 5 Arch Funding borrowers have purchased close to 100 homes in recent years, realizing gains of more than 30 percent on their investments in many cases. From coast to coast, 5 Arch Funding shows documented successes like these, where the investors are not just realizing tremendous profits, but revitalizing communities and providing affordable homes or rental housing to couples and families.

Compete With the Most Powerful Investors

Going from a “once-in-a-while” investor to a full-time real estate professional takes time, knowledge, and persistence. But it’s easier when you have a reliable source of funding that permits you to act quickly to purchase properties with the most profit potential.

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