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Edward Wilson

Houston Resident

We've had so many things to deal with, including replacing our damaged vehicle and trying to get to the bottom of where the water was coming in through the chimney that was damaging our home.

We are very close to Buffalo Bayou and only a few blocks away from where the severe flooding was occurring.

My wife, Kathleen, and I, along with the other pair of grandparents, share
custody of our 5-year-old grandson, David. We have helped raise him since he was 2 months old.

Last year we took him to his very first Astros game. One of the Astros
managers was kind enough to give David a baseball they had used
earlier that day for practice. He loves the team and baseball.

Thank you!

My family was hit by flooding and lost our house and a contents. 
We were all at a friend’s house for the Mayweather-McGregor fight that Saturday night. I drove home to drop my wife, Melissa, and son, Dane, off for his bedtime and came back. Three hours later, it went from dry to flooded so bad I couldn’t drive back, so we got separated that night. We stayed up all night watching the water level rise and talking on the phone together. 

I walked home the next morning in 5-foot-deep water for over a mile and was rescued along with my wife. Thankfully, our 3-year-old son took it well.  He had a lot of fun splashing and playing in the flood water like we were going swimming. He got to go on a boat ride out of the neighborhood and then ride in an Army truck and pet all the animals that were being rescued, Then we got to ride on a school bus where family could pick us up. We got a little over two feet of water in our house, and are now living with my parents while we rebuild.

We are huge Astros fans. I have a wife and a son, and we would absolutely love a chance to get out of our situation for a ball game.  
Last year we took him to his very first Astros game. One of the Astros
managers was kind enough to give David a baseball that the Astros had used earlier that day for practice. He loves the Astros and he loves baseball and it would be wonderful if we could take him to the Astros game.

Ian Arvidson 

Houston Resident

We flooded in the Kingwood area of Houston. I have never been in a situation like this, and I can tell you that this means a lot to families that have been affected. Those of us displaced and with kids are grateful for the support! It’s hard living somewhere other than home. It’s something many of us often forget in our daily lives.
Thanks so much....we love the Astros!

Tanya Troy

Houston Resident

Nicole Pawloski

Houston Resident

Thank you so much for a fun evening with my kids! It was so nice to get out and do something normal!

Thank you for the Astros tickets. The game provided a much needed diversion from both the never-ending to-do list that is flood recovery/rebuilding and from the stress of coping with continued disruption to the family’s routines and our everyday tasks.

Ken Bahler

Houston Resident

Valerie Franz

Houston Resident

My parents have lived in Bear Creek for close to 25 years and never had flooding until this year. Once the reservoirs were released, we were getting hit with rising water and pouring rain. A friend of mine informed me your company was so gracious as to giving Hurricane Harvey victims Astros tickets. I am giving my parents the tickets for a day or night away from all the stress they've been going through since it all happened and they haven't been able to "go home".

Thank you so very much! We are very grateful to be alive and can only move forward now. We will all come back from this because we are HOUSTON STRONG!