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Finding Your Niche In Multi-Family Real Estate Investing

Posted by Shawn Miller on July 17, 2017

Most experienced residential real estate investors know the importance of finding and focusing on a profitable niche within the market. In fact, one of the first decisions most investors make is whether they want to focus on single-family or multi-family properties. Within the multi-family sector, there are more decisions to be made in terms of finding a specific niche within the broader niche that is right for you.

Multi-family real estate is a diverse market, encompassing everything from duplexes to large apartment complexes. The best way to be successful is to know your strengths, understand your capabilities and resources, and focus on the part of the real estate market that suits you best.

Defining Your Comfort Zone

In the case of smaller real estate investors, the most appropriate niche is typically a multi-family unit consisting of two to four units. By focusing exclusively on duplexes, triplexes, and quadplexes, modest-sized investors may find a comfort zone that works very well for them.

It is easier to obtain financing for these small-unit properties than it is for larger-unit apartment buildings, plus the small-unit investments are also much easier to manage. If you are successful with a duplex or a quadplex, that does not necessarily mean you should step up the ladder and invest in a 10- or 12-unit apartment building or something even larger. Instead, a better strategy is to focus on repeating your success—invest in another duplex or quadplex and then another one after that. As you gain experience in investing and managing this type of property, this is how you become proficient and develop a successful niche.

Establishing a New Niche

Even after doing well in a specific niche, small investors may be tempted to parlay the success they have had into new opportunities with larger properties—for instance, by investing an apartment building with 10, 12, or more units. When exploring such possibilities, they should be aware that the transition to larger multi-unit properties is a major step up in terms of financing and managerial complexity. That is why it is something you should only do after carefully weighing the risks and rewards.

If you have succeeded at every other property investment you have undertaken and are considering something new, make sure you move forward with a clear understanding of both the up sides and the down sides. You need to go into any new type of investment with your eyes wide open, having thoroughly done your homework.

Then, and only then, should you explore moving into a new niche. And if you have initial success, repeat the process of becoming proficient at what you are doing.

There is a reason the best investors stay within a well-defined niche. They understand the importance of focusing on one area to gain knowledge and experience. Being able to specialize in one specific niche is going to lead them more quickly and efficiently to more success.

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